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Stache DigiTul - Digital Scale Dab Tool

Stache DigiTul - Digital Scale Dab Tool

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Customize your dab session!

Dab Tool with built in scale

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Batteries not included

  • The DigiTul Digital Scale and Dab Tool allows you to get an exact measurement of how much concentrates you are loading into your banger, titanium nail, electric dab rig, etc. This innovative device can customize your dab session down to the T, especially when paired with a precise temperature controlled device like a desktop enail. The digital scale can give you a further understanding of your vaporization rate based on the temperature you have your device set to.

Three Easy Steps:

Place the Digitul on a flat surface, press and hold "On/Off Tare" for 3 seconds to power on.

Keep the tool still until the screen reads "0.00"

Load product onto the tool and place on a flat surface for an accurate reading.


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