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HeadySwabs - Terp Trail MicroFiber Cloth (Copy)

HeadySwabs - Terp Trail MicroFiber Cloth (Copy)

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Heady MicroFiber Cloth

Don’t scratch your glass!

Nylon/Polyester Combo

Eliminate Fingerprints & Dirt

9 x 9 Inches

  1. This Heady MicroFiber cloth consists of polyester and nylon. These materials work together to provide the best of both worlds–a strong structure thanks to the polyester and better absorption thanks to the nylon. This powerful combination is what makes our micro fiber towel the ideal cleaning solution.

This towel comes in a 9 inch x 9 inch square shape, which allows for easy storage and travel. The MicroFiber eliminates fingerprints, unwanted dirt, and will not scratch while polishing your glass or quartz!



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